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as international student i would say 100% better than colleges..excellent service!!!

Manju Hirani Web Design

Very enjoyable, a good learning experience.

Antony David Mead IT Support

Tutor was very good indeed...

David Ewing IT Support

Very Happy with everthing so far. Tutor support is fantastic and enjoy the in centre days.

Matt Williams IT Support

Computeach appeared more professional than other training providers.

Robert Willis

The tutors are very good and answer queries quickly and succinctly, in terms which are readily understandable.

Harvey Appleby

If I hadn't enrolled with Computeach I'd be working in a dead-end job. I thought I knew a lot about computers, but Computeach really opened my eyes to so much more.

Chris Brown

Computeach's record of success appealed to me and I decided to enrol, and because it was a distance learning course it meant that I could study at my own speed.

Peter King

The Computeach course provided me with valuable skills in IT and computer programming and a qualification that employers take seriously.

Daniel Salter

Computeach gave me a knowledge of networking and the confidence to demonstrate my skills at a higher, more professional level.

Martin Larkin

20 reviews

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