This year has seen the UK Government introduce a £500,000 fund that will be available to tech companies and experts to train teachers about software coding. An initiative called the Year of Code has been set up alongside this, to encourage children to learn programming.

This has been set up to help solidify the new computing curriculum that will be launched across UK schools in September 2014. This new curriculum has been drawn up with input from the British Computer Society (BCS), the Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as technology companies including Microsoft and Google.

This fund has been set up to teach children more in-depth computer skills, such as how a computer works and how to program a computer. This is a lot more comprehensive than the current ICT curriculum, which focusses mainly on teaching children basic computer literacy skills.

“I want IT firms, university computing departments and software developers to use this fund to share their knowledge with the next generation.” Michael Gove – Secretary of State for Education

As most children are now introduced to computers and technology at a very young age, they tend to already have basic computer literacy skills by the time they begin to undertake the ICT curriculum. By teaching a broader and more dynamic range of computer skills, the new curriculum takes this into account as well as looking to the future of IT businesses throughout the UK.

With over 500,000 new entrants needed to fill IT roles in the UK over the next five years the UK is crying out for IT professionals. Furthermore, this number is only set to grow, as IT and technology in general continues to develop and these industries continue to grow at an accelerated rate. The Year of Code, in conjunction with the new computing curriculum, has been introduced to help combat the expected IT skills gap of the future.

Teaching children these skills from a young age and making sure that the computing curriculum encompasses as many new developments within technology is crucial. Hopefully, this new curriculum will address the IT needs of the UK’s future businesses, as well as encouraging a new generation to become technology entrepreneurs.

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