Cloud computing is rapidly growing in popularity amongst both individuals and businesses alike. As a result, Computeach decided to take a look at what cloud computing actually is and where you are likely to have come across it.

What is cloud computing?
Simply put, cloud computing is the ability to store and access programs and data through the Internet, rather than via your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing is also referred to when synchronising data with other information over the Internet. Cloud computing allows you to access programs or data from anywhere, at any time, so long as you have a suitable internet connection.

Examples of cloud computing
There are many different ways that you can make use of cloud computing in your everyday life. Three examples of where you may have come across cloud computing are Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive.

Apple iCloud
Apple iCloud allows you to access you documents, music, photos and more via iOS, Mac or Windows devices. iCloud connects all your devices, so that you can access your files anywhere that you have an Internet connection. You can also share your files e.g. photo stream with friends and family.

Google Drive
Google Drive allows you to store and access your files anywhere, both online and through your hard drive. It will even update all of your files across any device (desktop, tablet or smartphone) that you have Drive installed on when it is connected to the Internet. You can share documents with friends, family and colleagues, allowing you to create, access and collaborate on documents in a version-free system.

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive allows you to store documents, photos and personal videos that you can access at any time. Files can be accessed through your computer, web browser or through your Amazon Kindle, whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.

In addition to these three services, there are also hybrid services available, such as DropBox and SugarSync. These say that they are cloud based services, as they store a synced version of your files online. However, most of these also sync those files with local storage.

Cloud computing looks set to become ever more popular, as people want access to files, programs and services across all of the different devices they use. Programs such as Office 365 and Adobe products are now available via cloud-based subscriptions. Google Documents is also a cloud based software. This allows people to work on documents and files wherever they are and across a range of different documents. This also makes it easier for people to share files that they are working on, making collaborative projects easier. All-in-all cloud computing certainly appears to be the future of working.

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