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Server Professional course timeline

Achieve multiple qualifications through this course path.



CompTIA A+

Provides you with essential IT support skills, including IT installation, fault finding and basic networking.


You now have your CompTIA A+ certification. The most recognised IT qualification.

(MTA) Networking Fundamentals, (MTA) Security Fundamentals, (MTA) Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

These Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) qualifications will teach you the basics of setting up a network, how to make sure all of your data stays secure, and what a server is and what you need to consider when setting one up.


You now have all three Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications.

MCSA Server 2008

Provides you with of primary Windows Server skills that are relevant across multiple solution areas.


You now have your MCSA Server 2008 certification.

CompTIA Security+

Gives you the skills to identify and protect against potential security threats, so that you can keep data safe and secure.


You now have your CompTIA Security+ certification.

Potentially earn

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Chris Brown

If I hadn't enrolled with Computeach I'd be working in a dead-end job. I thought I knew a lot about computers, but Computeach really opened my eyes to so much more.

Chris Brown

Recommended course path for:

Server Administrator - 

£32,500 - £57,500

Server Engineer - 

£36,678 - £63,115

Server Support - 

£29,000 - £42,500

Server Support Engineer - 

£30,750 - £37,500

System Engineer - 

£29,000 - £52,500

Server Professional - 

£37,500 - £59,875

Half a million new entrants are required to fill IT & Telecoms professional job roles over the next five years

What makes this course unique?

  • Studying up-to-date courses with expert tuition on hand at all times.  
  • A Server Professional course with Computeach will cover a wide variety of topics to take you through all the stages of a Server Professional’s day-to-day role, from installation to security.  


Meet your tutor

Suresh Kumar

”I’ve been part of Computeach for 6 years, and a tutor for five of them. My favourite part of tutoring is seeing students overcome a problem and seeing their understanding of a process finally click”. 

Quick fire questions...

1. Mac or PC? PC

2. Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? Bill Gates

3. Chrome or Firefox? Neither still prefer IE

4. Android or iOS? Beginning to appreciate both now that I have an iPad Air

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