What do we do

In the Customer Care team we either know the answer to the question you have or we know who else at Computeach you need to talk to.  As a student, we will always be your first port of call.

Whether it's help with your books and online learning, information about how to get here for an in-centre visit, help with what you should be doing next or something more techincal - we can always help.

And we won't just wait for you to call us.  We'll be in touch with you on a regular basis to find out how you're getting on and to make sure that you have all the help and support you need.

If you do want to contact us, there are lots of ways to get in touch:

You can send an email or call us using the contact details opposite. This automatically logs your call, enabling us to quickly deal with your request.

Or you can Live Chat with us on this site (see the floating button on the right of the screen) if you just want to ask a quick question.  It's a bit like Instant Messenger or online texting.

Of course you can tweet and/or follow us.  Our main Computeach twitter account is @Computeach but you can find Customer Care specifically on @Computeach_CC

We're available Monday and Wednesday 9am to 8pm and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 5pm.

However you choose to get in touch, you can be sure that we'll always be able to answer your question and keep you on track with your studies.

We're looking forward to supporting you.



What if there's a problem?

If things do go wrong, we have a tried and tested process that we follow to get a resolution as quickly as possible. It goes like this:

Step 1 - TalkingA member of our team will discuss the issue with you in detail, usually over the phone, and we'll try to  resolve any problems.  In our experience talking is by far  the best method for problem solving.  Of course we'll involve other team members as necessary to get you back on track as quickly as we can.

Step 2 - Putting it in writingIf we can't fix things by talking then we'll write to you with a summary of the situation so far and ask you to add any further information that you think is necessary.  Once we've agreed the complete issue in writing then we'll review all the details again and send you our suggested resolution within 10 working days.

Step 3 - Independent investigationIf you don't agree with our resolution then we'll ask an alternative senior member of our staff to get involved.  This will be someone who isn't responsible for the service you're having a problem with.  Their investigation and report back to you will take no longer than 20 working days.

Step 4 - External reviewIf, after following our 3 previous steps, you're still not satisfied with the outcome, we will suggest that you involve an independent third party such as the CAB or FOS to investigate any such issues on your behalf.

Contact us

If you would prefer to get in touch with us in person, then you can ring or email our Customer Care team using the information below. They are always happy to help with any queries that you may have.

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